Your Hands

With proper care your hands will be beautiful.

European Classic Manicure 30 mins from $24

Treating cuticles “the European way”, massaging hands and shaping and polishing nails, leaves you confident in the beautiful appearance of your hands.

Intensive Care Hydrating Manicure 45 mins from $41

In addition to the European Classic Manicure, you will also receive the Lavender Hand Paraffin Treatment. This unique treatment combines two great ZaZa services to provide the ultimate rejuvenating experience for your hands.

ZaZa Ultimate Spa Manicure 45 mins from $40

This luxurious treatment starts with a hot towel compress. Then your hands and nails are softened and cleansed in a warm water bath before indulging in a dry skin exfoliation and luxurious mask. An extended relaxing massage with the finest nourishing lotion leaves your skin smooth and soft. A polishing creates the perfect conclusion to this ultimate spa experience for your hands. Available in your choice of flavors- leche (milk), vitamin recharge (pink grapefruit) and green tea (based on availability).

Gentlemen’s Manicure (choice of matte polish or buff) 30 mins from $24

It’s important for a man to have well-groomed hands. By trimming your nails and cuticles, exfoliating the skin with our luxurious organic scrub and finishing with a matte polish or buff we can make your hands look very presentable.

Polish Refresh (perfect for kids and teens) 30 mins $18

A quick fix for chipped and uneven nails. We will remove your old polish, file and re-polish your nails to give your hands a quick makeover.

Hand Paraffin Treatment 15 mins $18

This unique hot paraffin experience is not one which you can’t find just anywhere. It incorporates lavender aromatherapy and a thermal deep moisturizing treatment to soften your dry and cracked skin, reduce joint inflammation, stimulate blood circulation and relax your tired muscles. There will also be no unsanitary double dipping as every client receives their own disposable kit.

Lavender Paraffin Treatment with Polish Change 30 mins from $31

For those who don’t have much time, in just 30 minutes, your hands and nails will be moisturized and restored!

Nail Repair $6
French Finish on any Nail Service add $5

Dipped Nail Manicure (No UV or L.E.D.) ZaZa’s Latest and Greatest!

The Dip & Buff System is an exciting alternative to traditional acrylic overlays. By painting a basecoat onto the natural nail plate, then lightly dipping the nail plate into the Acrylic powders we can create a flawless, bubble free, lightweight and long lasting natural enhancement overlays in around 45 minutes! Like a no-chip but healthier and stronger. Like acrylics without the smell and damage to your nail. Available in french, ombre and more. Simply amazing!!!

Polish will last 2-3 weeks

Full-set over natural nails from $59
Soaking off ZaZa product no charge
Soaking off another salon’s product add $6

No-Chip Manicure (L.E.D.)

Polish will last 10-14 day

Full-set over natural nails $53
Soaking off ZaZa product no charge
Soaking off other product add $6

“Luxe” UV Gels (one of ZaZa’s signature services)

These gorgeous UV gel nails will last you 3-4 weeks between fills

Full Set Over Natural nails from $67