Your Feet

The road to healthy and beautiful feet begins with a professional pedicure, the ultimate favor you can do for your feet every 3 to 4 weeks.

Classic European Pedicure 60 mins from $57

(includes 15 mins foot soak)

Taking care of cuticles, corns, calluses, ingrown nails and dry cracked skin is the European way of treating feet with a pedicure. Dry skin exfoliation, massage and fresh polish will leave your feet rested and your toes beautiful.

ZaZa Ultimate Spa Pedicure 75 mins from $64

(includes 15 mins foot soak)

In addition to our European Classic Pedicure you will receive a wonderful “mini facial” for your feet including exfoliation, a nourishing mask, an extended foot massage up to your knee and a relaxing hand massage while you rest your feet in warm booties. A polishing creates the perfect conclusion to this ultimate spa experience for your feet. Available in your choice of flavors- leche (milk), vitamin recharge (pink grapefruit), lemon quench and ocean fresh (based on availability).

Gentlemen’s Pedicure (choice of matte/buff finish) 60 mins from $57

(includes 15 mins foot soak)

This pedicure will leave your feet free of corns, calluses and dry skin. You will feel well-rested and relaxed, so you can be light on your feet wherever they may take you!

Polish Refresh (perfect for kids and teens) 30 mins $24

A quick fix for chipped and uneven nails. We will remove your old polish, file and re-polish your toe nails to give your feet a quick makeover.

Express Pedicure (time and money saver) 45 mins from $46

(includes 15 mins foot soak)

Taking care of dry skin on the soles of your feet, filing, massaging and polishing will leave your feet relaxed and happy.

Foot Paraffin Treatment 15 mins $20

This unique hot paraffin experience is not one which you can find just anywhere. It incorporates lavender aromatherapy and a thermal deep moisturizing treatment to soften your dry and cracked skin, reduce joint inflammation, stimulate blood circulation and relax your tired muscles. There will also be no unsanitary double dipping as every client receives their own disposable kit.

Intensive Care Hydrating Pedicure 75 mins from $70

(includes 15 mins foot soak)

In addition to the European Classic Pedicure, you will also receive the Lavender Foot Paraffin Treatment. This unique treatment combines two great ZaZa services to provide the ultimate rejuvenating experience for your feet.

French finish on any Foot Service add $5