Safety Precautions

The ZaZa team works tirelessly day after day to provide a safe environment. We not only adhere to the guidance given by the CDC and IDPH, but go well beyond. Take a look at the video below for an overview of the precautions we have taken.

Below the video, you’ll find a few words from recent client visits. We understand there is a lot of uncertainty with this pandemic, but we are here when you are ready to treat yourself with some beauty therapy.

We sincerely appreciate your support and applaud you for your bravery when you come to see us. Be well, Nick and Mallory  

“If anyone is concerned about going- don’t be. The salon is impeccably clean. There are hand sanitizing stations everywhere along with regular soap and sinks. All of the staff are masked, as are the clients. They do a quick forehead temperature when you come in- it isn’t invasive or anything, it’s just a scanner- it doesn’t touch your skin.”
– Katie F

“Zaza Salon and Day Salon is going above and beyond and other business should take lessons from them!! I felt safer there than most grocery stores!”
– Brooke F

“Thank you all at ZaZa salon for making the first experience during this stressful time so seamless. The salon was routinely cleaned and disinfected. There was appropriate separate. Everyone wore masks and I felt safe. I have been going to the salon
for many years and the people are friendly and professional. Thank you all for your hard work keeping everyone safe and comfortable!”

– Beth S

“Thank you to the entire staff for their efforts in providing a safe, clean environment!”
– Jane C

“Loved the Covid precautions!! I felt comfortable and safe!!!!!”
– Margo B